Leadership Opportunities

In addition to the elected officers positions, i.e., President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Assistant Treasurer, Special Committee Chairpersons are solicited throughout the year. We provide and support leadership development of our members to give the opportunity to realize their full potential and to participate in the life of the greater body of the United Methodist Church and society.


Together our organization forms an alliance to make a difference in the United Methodist Church and our world.These relationships focus on mutual respect, service, support, and prayer for the partner. Learn how you or your church can develop a partnership that is both trans-formative and inspirational.


Black Clergy Women of the United Methodist Church has the ability to make a better church—when we work together, we have the power to create one. Connect with us to learn about the great things we are doing today and how you can help. Events happen on an annual basis and are planned to strengthen you on your path as a clergy woman in the United Methodist Church.